Vale Vivi: A Punk Eulogy to Vivienne Westwood

The late Vivienne Westwood is known as a legendary doyenne of Punk. To celebrate the life and influence of this incredible fashion designer, provocateur and activist, The Stitchery Collective joined hands with iconic Brisbane artist Phoebe Paradise to present VALE VIVI.
Blending punk show and fashion party, the inherently punk city of Meanjin eulogised Westwood with VALE VIVI in the fast, loud, visceral and tartan-clad mode that she lived. Femme in punk was honoured, with a lineup that included some of the best dark wave and post punk acts in Australia. Headlined by Naarm-based artist V, supported by the local duo Sacred Hearts, DJ Tullio and emerging band Doggie Heaven, VALE VIVI delivered a night of sound that knocked your head off.
Alongside the music, onsite art installation and fashion photography paid tribute to the massive influence punk and Westwood continued to have across a spectrum of creative forms. The event displayed a one of a kind customised punk jacket collection by nine amazing Meanjin artists and designers, and a photobooth captured attendees amazing outfits and energy. Live performance works by Leah Shelton ensured Vivi was there in spirit and her words could guide us to live raucously in the present, and to be the anarchist you need to be to save the world.
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