Threaded Memories

The Stitchery Collective led in a drop-in workshop inspired by the work of APT9 artist Jakkai Siributr for the 2019 Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Delivering a hands-on workshop to almost 1000 participants over 3 days, the workshop was immensely popular.

The participants used stamps made from images of Jakkai Siributr’s work. Jakkai Siributr is one of Southeast Asia’s leading contemporary artists working primarily in the textile medium. His fascination with textiles and embroidery began as a child in Bangkok, and he went on to study textile design in college and graduate school in the United States before returning to Thailand. ¬†Siributr is concerned with the unofficial histories that have been written out of Thai accounts, including the troubled co-existence between Buddhism and Islam in the south of the country, and draws deeply on his family history in his work.

Participants were invited to create their family portraits and learn embroidery and stitching skills, while reflecting on their own personal histories.

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