The Stitchery Collective Collection Look Book

The Stitchery Collective Collection is a collaboratively designed fashion collection. The collection is a thoughtful response to many of the challenges of contemporary fashion, especially those to do with over-consumption and un-ethical production processes.

The collection embraces key ‘stitchyisms’ including a sense of fun and playfulness, nostalgia for a time when clothing a little more integrity and fun digital girl culture.

Unlike standard fashion collections, which are really designed around an industry consumption model, we are re-designing the whole idea of a fashion collection. We have looked at the idea of a collection from many angles; most fashion design collections have little to do with ideas about what people really need.

These clothes are not for sale.

Only the ideas of them and how to make them are. Contact us if you want to purchase the patterns.

WrapSuit MensStaunchCharacterShirt WrapDress

StaunchlyfTee SpiritDress SleepwearSet



Hollywood4evaTee CubeShirt RaglanCropTeeRaglanCropJacket PriyaPlaysuit PleatedSkirt

PhatKnitDress MoroccanDress MensPurrfectPants

MensMarkTee MaddieSlip LongRaglanJacketBraAndKnickers AllInOneShorts Scarves