Sunday Stitch Lounge @ SWOP West End

Need to sew up that dropped hem? Got a rip you’ve been meaning to stitch? Or just want to hang out on the verandah and knit with your pals?

Join The Stitchery Collective on the last Sunday of every month for Sunday Stitch Lounge, a chance to mend, repair and work on your creative projects in the beautiful SWOP West End space.

Three sewing machines and an overlocker will be set up to use, as well as hand sewing supplies, and you’re invited to bring along your own projects – be it sewing, knitting, embroidery, beading or crochet – and enjoy the company of like-minded lovers of craft and fashion.

Check out this great article on Broadsheet Brisbane by the excellent Madeleine Laing about Sunday Stitch Lounge.

Upcoming Dates (2017): 24th September, 29th October, 26th November

When: Midday – 3:30pm

Location: SWOP Clothing Exchange – 161 Boundary Street, West End 4101 QLD


Who are The Stitchery Collective?
The Stitchery Collective is Brisbane based design collective made up of 9 crafty friends + fashion enthusiasts. We’ve teamed up with SWOP because we love their approach to sustainable fashion, and we want to encourage a culture of mending, repairing and caring for your favourite clothes – so that you can enjoy them for longer!

What can I do at Sunday Stitch Lounge?
You can join us in a crafty environment to mend and alter clothing, or work on any of your own textile based creative projects.

What equipment is there?
We will provide 3 domestic sewing machines, 1 domestic overlocker, and plenty of thread, needles and pins. You will need to bring along your own fabric, buttons and zips.

Can you alter these pants for me?
Unfortunately no – whilst we are happy to offer advice and conversations, this is a stitch lounge environment where we provide the space and equipment, you bring the project and the muscle.


I don’t know how to sew – do you run classes or workshops?

Yes – The Stitchery Collective will be hosting some fashion and craft workshops in 2017 at SWOP. Let us know what you’d like to learn next time you are at SWOP – and watch this space. We can also make recommendations of sewing classes available in Brisbane. 


Can I bring coffee?
Yes, we think that’s a great idea.


Other questions?
Email us at
Or message us on our Facebook Page



Image courtesy of Swop Clothing Exchange.