Stitchery x Museum of Brisbane

In 2019 Museum of Brisbane commissioned Stitchery Collective to design and deliver the public program associated with the Easton Pearson exhibition. Consisting of a series of events, talks, workshops and a mini-festival celebrating Slow Fashion, this program ran for over 3 months. It included:

Finding Fashion Forum: Talking identity, place and style in Australian Fashion

Three conversations with Brisbane’s leading fashion designers, makers and academics as they explore fashion’s role in shaping a distinctly Australian culture. Discussing how bold style can create identity, why fashion connects communities and how makers innovate for a bright and sustainable future this whole day event consisted of three panels with various local and national speakers and artists.

Featuring iconic Australian fashion designers Akira Isogawa, Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson (Easton Pearson) and Gail Sorronda; fashion writer Glynis Traill-Nash (Fashion Editor, The Australian) and fashion trailblazers James Bartle (Outland Denim), Jackie Ruddock (The Social Outfit) and Rachel Burke (@imakestagram) this special fashion event was facilitated by stitchery members. The full details are available here.

Slow Fashion Weekend

MoB’s Slow Fashion Weekend shone a spotlight on slow fashion, artisanal skills and a make-and-mend approach to fashion consumption. The Museum was taken over by makers, menders and the mindful to give participants the skills to lighten their fashion footprint. The full details of the program are here. As part of this mini-festival The Stitchery Collective produced 2 of the 4 events. These were:

Slow Fashion Weekend: Speed Date a Stylist

Managing a team of 20 independent Brisbane stylists and multiple rotations of many more participants this event encouraged mini-styling consultations for advice on how to make the most of attendees existing wardrobes, make smart decisions when buying clothes and develop a personal style that doesn’t rely on fast fashion cycles and fleeting trends.

Slow Fashion Weekend: Sunday Stitch Lounge

A drop in session at Museum of Brisbane with Stitchery members where we provided the sewing machines, tools and advice and people brought their unfinished sewing projects, split seams, fallen hemlines or plain garments in need of personalisation. The Stitch Lounge was a creative and social space where people exchanged advice and skills with like-minded menders, and built connections within their community.