Stitch Your Future

Image by Pia Robinson

Stitch Your Future was a work commissioned by QUT Art Museum as part of QUT’s Widening participation program, that aims to increase participation in university education. As the lead institution for the Queensland Statewide Consortium, a collaboration of eight public universities and the Department of Education, QUT undertakes a range of widening participation activities that build awareness, aspiration and motivation, engagement and achievement among school students. For the project the Stitchery Collective devised and facilitated a program of creative activities held in schools, at the QUT Art Museum, community spaces and online.

As a result of this work, young people had the chance to create artworks, learnt new skills, work collaboratively and discover a little bit more about themselves and their aspirations. Images of some of the Stitchery Collective members working with students and some of their resulting creative works can be viewed here. The work that some of the student participant’s created in the program was also exhibited at Vision of Youth, an exhibition in 2019 at the Caboolture Hub.