Manifesto of Dress: A Night Of Counter Fashion

And look fabulous!

Throughout history daring women and men have slashed, embellished and bifurcated their way to resistance through politicised fashion. From Amelia Bloomer’s pants of freedom to Rudy Geinrich’s topless monokini, fashion has been used as a tool of rebellion.

Join The Stitchery Collective as they explore the history of counter fashion and examine how some local Brisbane creatives are challenging the fashion status quo. On the atmospheric Turbine Platform this relaxed and entertaining free event invites all those interested in fashion to join in the conversation about the power of getting dressed.

A lecture-performance by Australian based design group The Stitchery Collective which explored moments in history which demonstrate fashion’s capacity to resist, rebel, and turn the political into the fabulous. From Amelia Bloomer’s bloomers to the sans culottes of revolutionary France, fashion has acted as a tool and medium for great social protest and momentum for change. In contemporary fashion, local designers in Australia embed counter fashion ideology into their business practices to offer a counteraction to the more negative effects of capital F Fashion. The lecture-performance aimed to reframe personal consumption choices in the now, via the political fashion of the past, as politically motivated and most of all, capable of contributing to real change. The Stitchery proposed that in fashion, the personal is political, and the political is personal, both throughout history and in the present day.

The creative work combined public lecture, historical dress up, contemporary fashion showcase and call to action in an engaging lecture-performance format. The lecture-performance is a genre that offers rich possibilities for critical fashion discourse, one that is uniquely suited to the material, embodied nature of clothing.

This event occured on Thursday October 12th, 2017 at Brisbane Powerhouse, The Turbine Platform
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All photographs by Savvy Creative

Presented by The Stitchery Collective in partnership with The Brisbane Powerhouse.

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