About Us

The Stitchery Collective is a Brisbane and Melbourne based design collective.

While situated in the field of fashion, our collaborative practice functions outside the traditional modes of fashion design, production and display, arguing for inclusivity and accessibility, with a participatory focus. We regularly work within the context of the art gallery or museum, creating interactive installations, facilitating fashion and craft-focused public programing, and hosting community engagement events.

We are inspired by the potential of creative design practice to connect individuals and develop vibrant and inclusive communities. We share a common feeling that the culture of fashion can be simultaneously joyous, meaningful, and beautiful, and that clothing is meant to be felt and experienced, not just watched and bought. Collectively we prioritise the social and cultural aspects of fashion and as such our works actively invite community participation through such things as the sharing of stories, the creation of their own work or individualised experiences.

Individually our interests are diverse—including installation, costume making and design, fashion exhibition and curation, research, innovative fashion design, education and performance making, and our work draws upon these multiple design and creative perspectives. We are united by our commitment to a critical and ethical engagement with fashion amid broader social issues, and our creative practice is given further depth and rigour through a shared research focus, which results in collaboratively written papers, articles and conference presentations.  

Since 2010, there have been 24 different people in The Stitchery Collective.
There are currently 7 active members across Queensland and Victoria.

The Stitchery Collective is supported by the Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments, and QUT Creative Industries.