We are excited to officially announce our BIG news – Thanks to Australia Council and Arts Queensland, we are representing Australia at the 3rd International Kids’ Carnival, a branch of the Venice Biennale. The stitchery will be running ‘WARM’ t-shirt upcycling workshops, where with our pint-sized helpers we will transform the pre-loved T-shirts of Brisbane into much-loved custom-made beanies, scarves and ponchos for our chilly European friends. We’re hoping our workshops will bring the joy of dressups mixed with the sunshine and colour of Australia to an otherwise cold winters day!

The past few weeks we have experimented, pondered and collected HUNDREDS of t-shirts to make it all happen – check out our The Stitchery Collective Facebook album  of some of the things we came up with!

As you can see, these workshops will have to be closely monitored so our guests don’t have AN OVERWHELMINGLY DANGEROUS AMOUNT OF FUN!!! There’s a good chance we will lose a few kids to the T-shirt monsters, but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.