Download a PDF copy of The Stitchery Collective CV 2016 here.



November 2016

Cumulus Design Conference (Hong Kong)

The Stitchery present their paper Under the Skin, which discusses contemporary fashion displays in contest to their exhibitions Collective Collection and From Home, With Love.


October 2016

Bowery Bowl

Presented with Backbone Youth Arts

This radical dress up party, hosted in a Bowls Club, celebrated both the extreme fashion icon Leigh Bowery and the distinct local culture of Brisbane. Bowery Bowl is the first in a series of fashion parties celebrating inclusivity, dressing up and the brilliance of the Brisbane cultural community.


November 2015

QUT Fashion Symposium

The Stitchery presented a short paper on their recent installation works.


June/July 2015

From Home, with Love

Presented with SLQ as part of the Distant Lines: Queensland voices of the First World War exhibition

From Home, With Love explored the experiences of those on the front line and at home. The interactive installation combined sound works and garments to evoke domestic spaces and lived relationships.  Visitors were invited to feel and wear cloth made heavy with memories, and to join the group effort in crafting for comfort.

Knit your Bit Saturdays

Presented with SLQ as part of the Distant Lines: Queensland voices of the First World War exhibition

A group crafting session hosted by the stitchery at State Library of Queensland from, community participants joined us to  construct and decorate our comforter installation.


February 2015

Women and Men in Clothes Symposium (University of Sydney)

The Stitchery presented a short reflection on their collaborative design practice for Collective Collection.


December 2014

Collective Collection – Installation

The Stitchery Collection was launched via an interactive installation that focussed on memory and storytelling. Held in an historic mansion the event was introspective and personal in its experience. Guided by headphones, the audience was invited to engage with the garments and reflect on their own memories of wearing clothes.

Collective Collection – Patterns

The Stitchery  Collection is a collaboratively designed fashion collection. The collection embraces stitchyisms such as playfulness, nostalgia and fun digital girl culture. These clothes are not for sale – but  you can enjoy the ideas, download the patterns and make them yourself!


July 2013 – October 2014

Peppermint Sewing School

The Stitchery contributed downloadable patterns the the Peppermint Sewing School for issues 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23.


July – October 2013

Glencore Xstrata Queensland Regional Touring Workshops

Presented with QAGoMA for the Ruth Stoneley: A Stitch in Time touring exhibition.

The 2-hour workshop will introduce students to creative sustainable ideas and how to incorporate these into their own tote bag design. Students will learn about screen printing techniques and can include an image of their local community into the design of one side of the bag.


September 2013

Here’s looking at you kid

Presented as part of the QAG New Wave Teens program

An embroidery workshop with teens specifically looking into the motif of the eye in art and design.


June – September 2013

Sunday Stitch-ups (It’s hip to be a square)

Presented as part of the QAG Quilts exhibition public programing

In this workshop participants embroidered graphic imagery from internet memes onto  scraps of fabric. In this way the workshop  highlighted and experimented with one of the ways in which crafting culture is humorously re-inventing itself in the 21s t century.


June 2012

Night of the Dead Trees – T-shirt Scape

Presented as part of Metro Arts Free Range Program

A tent-like interactive installation of recycled t-shirts. This t-shirt scape could be climbed through, sat on and explored.

See it, Love it, Make it.

This project commissioned emerging local fashion designers to produce an innovative design that was then developed into a workshop for high school.


July 2012

Women in Mining Design Collaboration and Schools Competition

Presented as part of the Women in Mining Inspire! Convention

Senior School design competition using a digital teaching package, run in conjunction with the production of a fashion collection using workwear materials by the stitchery collective to be presented at the Inspire! Convention, presented by the Queensland Resources Council.

School’s talks and Workshops

Presented as part of QUT’s Widening Participation program

A series of workshops, studio tours and talks with a range of high schools, as well as delivering several workshops.


May-July 2012

Fashioning Social Inclusion – Series Two

Two nine week programs developing design and fashion skills with two different groups, The Romero Centre and NOAH – the Stafford Sudanese community.


February 2012


Presented at the 3rd International Children’s Carnival, Venice ITALY

The Stitchery Collective travelled to Venice to deliver a workshop series and installation for children utilising recycled t-shirts These were turned into scarves, beanies and ponchos and the participants taught hand sewing and fashion construction skills.  


November 2011

Emerging Designer Exhibition

Angela Leggett, a recent QUT honours graduate, exhibits her recent collection.

Life Drawing with clothes on

A weekly class of life drawing that ran over the summer, led by Priya Cox.


October 2011

LIMN Exhibition

Fashionable bodies are the subject of Priya Cox’s fashion illustration exhibition.

Undress Brisbane

The stitchery supported a sustainable fashion event showcasing Brisbane’s emerging eco-fashion designers.

The Green Heart Fair

Ran an upcycling fashion stall at Brisbane City Council’s bi-annual sustainability fair.

QUT Fashion Swap

Presented with QUT

Fashioning Social Inclusion – Series One

Presented with QUT


September 2011

Cooperative Fashion Exhibition

Paula Dunlop and Madeleine King share their approaches to design and garment-making through the Cooperative Fashion exhibition–a show that celebrates chance, improvisation and creative play.

Exquisite Waistcoats Workshop

Participants learn how collaboration, improvisation and chance can be fun ways to extend traditional approaches to garment making. Working in pairs, they create a light waistcoat using simple geometric shapes.

Printing tees

Presented with Imogen’s Artspace

A school holidays run of t-shirt stenciling workshops for children.

Fashioning Social Inclusion

Presented with QUT

A 12-week sewing program with members of the Stafford Sudanese community.


August 2011

Glove Becomes Exhibition

Carla Binotto exhibits garments derived from the pattern pieces of a humble glove.

Glove = Gift of Love Workshop

Participants make a beautiful purse from a recycled vintage glove.

Public talks

Members particiapate in public talks as part of MBFF—QUT Fashion After Hours and Black Heat Forum.


July 2011

Zaprons workshop

Presented at Homegrown Festival

In this fun and simple workshop, participants learn about zero-waste making.

Eco-Local Exhibition

Eco-Local: an experimental exhibition that challenges local designers to use locally sourced materials, presenting their unique take on sustainability in fashion.

Textile dyeing workshop

Participants experiment with plant dyes, and imbue textiles with a distinctly eco/local flavour.

Public talk series

A range of talks discussing the cutting of cloth throughout history, current advances in waste minimisation and local production, as well as sustainable local fashion practice and wool production.


June 2011

Shirt Up!

Up-cycling fashion workshops, transforming a $1 men’s shirt into a nifty blouse, jacket or dress.

Children in Fashion

Sustainability workshops for children at Kelvin Grove State Primary School.  


May 2011

2D design through collage

Presented at Ideas Festival  

A workshop for young people that explores experimentation and play as design tools.

3D design through up-cycling

Presented at Ideas Festival  

A workshop for young people, on transforming existing garments into exciting new clothes.

Public talk series

A series of studio talks and lectures, as well as an ethical fashion evening in conjunction with The Queensland Fair Trade Collective and Peppermint magazine


April 2011

Saviours of the Lost Arts

Presented with Brisbane City Council  

A series of workshops on ‘zero-waste’ design and patternmaking.

Art Bites  

Presented with Brisbane City Council  

A series of up-cycling workshops for all age groups.

Silk Echo

Presented with QUT

A series of workshops on silk scarf painting, for women from the Kelvin Grove Afghan community.

November/December 2010

The Finery Project

Presented with Brisbane City Council Creative Communities

An eight-week program of sewing workshops for members of the Brisbane Karen refugee community.  

A workshop series of sewing tuition for the local Sudanese community in Moorooka.


October 2010

The ‘Fair’ Trade

Presented with QUT  

Fashion swap event and a ‘make do and mend’ workshop.

September 2010

Grunge vs Glamour

Presented with GoMA

2D design and collage workshops as part of GoMA’s New Wave Teens program.

Cuffs and Collars

Presented with GoMA

An up-cycling fashion workshop as part of GoMA’s New Wave Teens program.

July 2010

Textiles on the Body

Presented with Darnley Island Arts Centre

A week-long pattern-making and sewing program for local artists.


May/June 2010

Saviours of the Lost Arts

Presented with Brisbane City Council  

Stitchery members speak at a panel discussion “Crafting Social Connections”,

Zero-waste clothing demonstration at Bleeding Heart Gallery, Brisbane.

Art Bites

Presented with Brisbane City Council  

Up-Cycling Fashion workshops at Jagera Arts Centre, and Bracken Ridge Community Centre